Anthem Real Estate Lifestyle

In Anthem real estate properties, it features spacious residential land and home qualities anybody can imagine whether its an extravagant townhouse unit, fencing residential lot or lakeside location condominium unit in addition to a huge land property fitting for horses stable.

Two Different yet Beautifully Unique Faces of Anthem

Anthems two faces of towns namely its park side targeted specifically for more affordable homes with wide spread residential lots but still of close ease of access to major landmarks and important institutions within and outdoors its neighborhood vicinity apart from its neighbor entertainment locations for example water points of interest like pools for any age with an additional benefit of dual water 35mm slides with 40,000 spills in addition to pools for routine swimming laps, play grounds for grown-ups and youngsters, pastime courts whether its for lawn tennis, basketball and volleyball in addition to the playing fields for soccer and softball. These are merely a couple of perks from the neighborhoods amenities of park side if you opt for one of those Anthem homes for sale available.

On the other hand of Anthem property, may be the face of luxurious scenery the gated neighborhood from the course and country club side. Although houses in this region are listed a bit greater compared to ones in park side but is simply fitting enough as golf side houses includes more luxurious, elegant home designs and wider land area compared to park side houses and that’s why its more expensive gated houses in addition to its large size residential perimeter is simply justifiable enough.

Not just that, houses in the course side had the privilege of facing its two golf spots attractive sights because courses are available in a spacious 7, 200 land yards each. Imagine getting out of bed each morning and sitting on your spacious veranda welcomed through the warm morning sunrise and also the quality of air from the available space course together with its lush eco-friendly grasses giving a cooling effect for your just awakened eyes, are you currently not envious also to experience getting out of bed in the same scenario?

Golf side may be the luxurious side of Anthem, like a resident you’ll be able to enjoy and relax in the Persimmon Bar & Grille dining attraction under its 34 thousand sq. foot. country club after featuring your golf talent and abilities. Or you have other obligations to go to for example special classes like yoga, tai-chi and many others as you will find about 150 special classes offered nearby, you are able to return right to your distinctively elegant American designed home as you will find 22 in variety with options of 2 story levels and dress for your favorite fitting attire to whatever special class you’ve or choose to achieve the freedom to savor remaining inside the conveniences of the 1,344 to three,971 sq. foot. house like a small backyard party possibly or simply taking pleasure in an easy private outside dining at the backyard with family and close buddies.